Whether it's architectural visualisation, photography or film-making, it's always important to keep developing new skills - especially post-pandemic. 
I've been working on combining decades of experience in traditional media with 21st century software and hardware tools, including drones for aerial video and photography. There's always a new learning curve. Does it keep you young? I'm not sure :-)
The clients were keen to get a comprehensive look at their proposed new home - partly to give them confidence in the design, colour and materials choices they were making. In the end the package included over twenty perspectives - exterior and interior - and this video tour. 
This edit isn't a fast-paced whip around. Combined with some drone shots, site photography/video and before/after images, its purpose is to give the clients a detailed look at their new home.
This is one of a series of short social media videos for Toomuc Workspaces, Pakenham, developed by Waite Property Group. It's a blend of Lumion 3D animation, 'real' video and captioning in Final Cut Pro X.

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