The first one is a two minute track inspired by Emerson Lake and Palmer’s live performance of Henry Mancini’s ‘Peter Gunn’ theme (Blues Brothers). So plug in the headphones for this 70’s keyboard spectacular. There’s also a bit about ‘the making of…’
I was watching a video by an Englishman who writes music for film and television, and he said “Don’t be scared of writing for an orchestra. It’s just a collection of voices - each with their own character.” So I thought, well let’s give it a go... 
What better way to keep yourself young than by doing something you enjoy. This month’s challenge was to re-create a track from Hans Zimmer’s Interstellar soundtrack. For piano, orchestra and stonking great pipe organ. Definitely one for the headphones or big speakers. 
Artistic challenge: the restraint needed for a slow build to a big finish. Technical challenge: how to mix everything so you get the impact of turning a pipe organ up to 11 without oversaturating everything. And it wouldn’t be Hans Zimmer without some epic footage.

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