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Rwanda Dreaming: home-grown strategies for human wellbeing

Rwanda is not standing still. They have developed unique strategies for tackling areas like health, education, social cohesion and the environment. Rwanda Dreaming is a look at this next stage of Rwanda’s story. For me, it brings together the years of research, film-making, writing and book design. It’s a geography text for secondary students and fits within the Human Wellbeing unit in the Australian curriculum. 
There’s nothing like experiencing another culture for giving us a new perspective on our own.

There are ten chapters...
1. What is human wellbeing? An introduction
2. Strong and healthy: poverty and health
3. A place to call home: home and belonging
4. Safe, functional and fair: the rule of law
5. Growing and learning: children and education
6. Women and girls: gender equality and women in society
7. Living together: social cohesion
8: Arts and culture: music, dance, arts and ideas
9. Habitat: the natural and built environments
10: National and global: governance, aid and trade, development and technology 
If you think it’s worth spending $15 to encourage a middle-aged bloke to get out of the office occasionally and keep working on Rwandan projects, you can buy a download of the Rwanda Dreaming e-book here. It's available in e-book or PDF form.

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