School-kids in Ntenyo, southern Rwanda, turn the tables on me.

A lot of the primary education in Rwanda is in English. A challenge for the teachers.

You film us - we photograph you.

There are boys, and there are girls. And then some...

Family portrait, Flinders Ranges.

Sunday lunch with some of Melbourne's Kurdish community

Kurdish men know how to barbecue

Kurdish New Year in Melbourne

Kurdish kids are adapting to growing up in Australia

A young Rwandan girl watches me filming an interview.

Annet returned to Rwanda after the 1994 genocide. "I didn't know if I would live or die".

Rwandan women observe proceedings at a local tribunal for genocide crimes. Near Gakenke, northern Rwanda.

It was a neighbourhood genocide, so Rwanda's justice and recovery efforts have focused on local communities.

"Planting and cultivating the fields involves former enemies working together, which can be difficult."

Brickies labourers near Ruhengeri, northern Rwanda.

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